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Shri Shyam Babu Dixit


The foundation stone for the success of Aakriti International Exports Pvt. Ltd was laid when the Shree amba manufacturing unit of rice was established in 2000 by  Shri Sham Babu Dixit. The journey of the firm for a glorious success, established in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh had now started. The leadership of Shri Shyam Babu Dixit was perhaps most of the many auspicious things happened to the company. ...

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Shri Bipin Dixit


With the vast 20 years of experience in trading and manufacturing, he brought an aggressive approach to the business. It was his farsightedness that forayed the company into international trading. Mr. Bipin Dixit is currently the director of Shree Amba Rice mill And Aakriti International Exports. ...

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